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Every season the fashion Industry likes to express how the tie is dead and gone, or how its been revived, revamped and were to re-live the widths our fathers father wore, back in the day. Ties will change to a degree, but like everything else today, its ones choice that dictates what is in or what is out. The Brands of Ties we have here at Blaine's are all in part and coexist within the brands of Suits, Sport coats, and tailored clothing that we sell. Our Brands of ties include, Brioni, Canali, Robert Talbott, and Edward Armah.

Selecting a tie should be the best part of creating well suited outfit. The Tie should completely sum up the overall self expression aspect to ones wardrobe. Choosing the color, pattern, and width is all part in expressing how you feel as a unique individual. It can be this literal or it can be completely conceptual and effortless, without thought. We here at Blaine's take much pride in aiding you in these personal choices one takes along his journey of building his wardrobe. We love the official hunt for the perfect tie to compliment your perfect outfit.