Most Interesting People in New York City: Chuck Hellman of Hellman Custom, Nick Graham, and Blaine's

Chuck Hellman spreads his expertise around when it comes to men's fashion. As former CEO of Robert Graham, Chuck is not only the current CEO of Nick Graham(founder of Joe Boxer and no relation to Robert), but also the owner of two businesses in the clothing industry.

At Nick Graham, Chuck says, "We are teaching men how to feel comfortable with fashion." His job is to help take the brand global, and they are well on their way. According to Chuck, "This will be bigger than Joe Boxer."

Chuck Hellman also started his own custom clothing company, Hellman Custom, exclusively tailoring made-to-order menswear for Major League Baseball players. Through his work at Robert Graham, Chuck was introduced to many MLB players, and parlayed those connections into a booming business. Chuck follows his heart when it comes to making a living. He loves baseball and fashion and adds, " The players understand I know what they need and provide a service that is easy and fun for them. They tell me their ideas and I execute so they can have that style all their own."

A native of Cincinnati, Chuck Hellman decided to bring New York fashion to his hometown with Blaine's. He's always wanted to own his own store providing exclusive brands not yet seen in that area. His goal is to make Blaine's one of the best luxury men's stores in the country, and has big plans to expand in the works. With one of Cincinnati's favorite Red's players, Joey Votto, as the spokesman for the store, how can Chuck go wrong?

september 29, 2014