Men's Outerwear: How To Stay Cozy This Winter

The best feeling this winter is, perhaps waking up, and ultimately walking on the streets, still your systems are regulated as if you’re in the summer, warm and cozy. You stay comfortable when your body is dry, meanwhile, you stay dry when you’re layered or covered accordingly to the external weather. So to get the best of both world’s, it makes sense to invest in quality men’s outerwear.

Outerwear typically is clothing that is worn over other garments for protection and warmth. It’s basically outdoor attire that is specially designed to protect you against adverse environmental and extreme weather conditions. In addition to protection, there are distinct features like the designs, fabrics, and most importantly the brands, that make Blaine’s outwear selection unlike any other in Cincinnati.

Outerwear For The Season

Since outerwear is made to be worn over any garment, as mentioned earlier, there are explicit products which may not be fashionable, however they are capable of giving you maximum protection against any of the most brutal weather conditions. Men’s outerwear for the winter includes some features including water resistivity, insulator against low temperature and multiple layers as discussed below.

Winter Jacket

Generally, jackets are light, tighter-fitting but less insulating than a coat. Meanwhile, there are products that still serve as protective clothing. This type of jacket helps you to resist wind, snow, rain, and most importantly, the cold. The jacket is meant to enhance your body insulation to stay cozy even when not in motion. A good winter jacket is designed to be waterproofed with multiple layers, the base layer which comprises of wool or synthetic polyester and microfibers that wick moisture from the body, the mid layer, that is, the region of insulation with loosely woven fabric like fleece, and the outer layer which is water resistant with breathable membrane.

Though, winter jackets function to keep your body cozy and warm during the cold weather, there are many other details that give you the pleasure in choosing the design. Outerwear like winter jackets also tend to be styled for both casual and formal occasions. So, for the optimum functionality and style during the season, check out for the best available winter jackets at stores like Blaine’s Apparel.  

Warmer Coats

The snow flurry season is quickly approaching, so this is the best time to press in and find your perfect men’s winter coat. You have an opportunity to have a good shot at selecting an exquisite coat, though functional, in terms of fabrics, size, and color. Let me remind you, there is nothing better than being warm and cozy in those subzero temperatures. Thus, it’s very imperative you start preparing by arming yourself with an arsenal of outerwear like a winter coat. The point of the coat is to shield you through every level of ice, that is, from morning freezing to the midst of the daytime storms.

Believe me, nothing can go wrong with a warmer coat like the shearling or parka which are uniquely made from pelts tanned with a wool of uniform depth or a sleek silhouette with a 550-fill goose down insulation, though designed to resist the bone-chilling centigrade. Of course, this men outerwear comes with cold removal hood and super warm wool which consequently keeps you dry and cozy even when the wind is howling and snow is falling.


They are designed just like coats but are made with a thin fabric to resist the wind chills and light rain or snow. Windbreakers are characterized with a synthetic material and made from a lightweight construction, meanwhile used with some accessories including elastic armbands and waistbands, and a zipper which make them adjustable for the current weather conditions.

Sometimes, windbreakers have a hood which may be removable, likewise internal or external large pockets for protecting belongings against adverse effects of the environmental conditions. More than a sweater, windbreakers offer an insulation protection or strategic layering during the winter. So the windbreakers are also one of the standard men outerwear that can be styled, however highly effective in delaying external hypothermia during low temperatures.

Styling Your Outerwear

Here comes the season for warm, puffy and fur-collared outerwear when most style pundits are discouraged by the winter. Yet, the sub-zero temperatures prescribe the warmer coats, rain pants, winter jackets, to mention a few, but that doesn’t imply you should pause your elegance in dressing and not look your best.

Of course, you need something practical, but who said you can’t integrate the style into the functionality? With the amount of investment in preparing for the season, it’s therefore, highly vital to make the men’s outerwear in your closet the focal point of styles this winter.

So, to get the best styles out of your outerwear this season, from your finest parka with denim to a more toned-down look, we’re bringing out some guidelines and new ways as discussed below, to style men’s outerwear in a smart and adventurous way.

The Light and Heavyweight

Every closet needs both the light and heavyweight men’s outerwear, especially with the transitions that occur between seasons. Having both kinds give you the opportunity to choose your preferred style with respect to the forecast, though giving you the best service and function, that is, to stay warm and dry. As a matter of fact, they aren’t always easy to style but adhering to the following rules will give you the best look with your light and heavyweight outerwear this winter.

Lightweight men’s outerwear like rain parkas are always easy to style with essentials and layering, especially for the cold seasons, making your appearance the statement of piece when paired with a simple outfit underneath. The pairing with a denim work shirt gives it a perfect blend to keep you cozy yet stylized.

Meanwhile, the heavyweight coats like the shearling are made with a depth of wool and fleece material from a lambskin or sheepskin, though soft and natural, are a luxurious type of outerwear that can be employed to resist any cold this winter.

Likewise, with the weight and length like a walking blanket, your warmth is secured. Lastly, the peacoat gives that credibility and classic look when it streamlines with any tops like a fitted blazer or denim jacket. To avoid the traditional navy jacket choice, use a lighter shade.

Seasonal Scarf

Aside from these previously mentioned outerwear, scarves are one of the most important winter accessories. Though, the fabric was designed for protection from chilling the cold weather, the usage has accompanied different uniqueness and creativity for styles.

Like the Faux Fur scarf, sheer and light fabric made from animal fur is available in a variety of colors. They make your casual outfit look great and chic when styled with an evening wear which also makes you stay warm through the night. The knitted ruffled scarf is perhaps the most charming style. They are styled as a center piece accessory for a monochrome outfit. Likewise, the cable knit scarf, which is chunky, thick and warm for optimum coziness and a staple for the winter outerwear.


One of my favorite things to wear during the cold temperatures is a sweater. Although it may not be able to resist the temperatures on it’s own, it is the perfect garment to layer with this season. Sweaters, being a long sleeved, knitted garment, they are worn by both genders of every age. Most sweaters are made from a wool or cotton of a synthetic fibers.

A coat is meant to keep you warm, but it’s your responsibility to layer properly underneath the coat with your casual attire. The more appropriate your layering is, the better your coat will function.


They have inextricably become a vital part of men’s fashion for the winter, likewise, an essential accessory for your layering. Literally, turtlenecks are round, close-fitting neck and high like a collar that folds over sweater. They are sometimes referred to as neckline.

Turtlenecks are a type of sweater, whether chunky or silky, it’s highly simple and functional to style with your favorite pants, jackets and coats to increase your warmth this season. During the winter, you can style a turtleneck with a button-down shirt and heavyweight coats or jackets for that ensemble look.

Final Words

Winter is obviously around the corner, with the fog, the snow flurries, and icy windshields already showing up. As many preparations are being made for the season, it’s very vital to make adequate updates for your wardrobe.

As we kept emphasizing, it is important for you to purchase a men’s outerwear garment for you to make it through the season comfortably. Don’t stop with your coat, because layering your sweaters, and scarves are just as important. You can find all of your warm, stylish and comfortable clothing at Blaine’s Fine Men’s Apparel.