3 Men's Fashion Trends You Should Adopt This Spring

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Linen Shirts and Sport Coats

When most people think about wearing a sport coat, they automatically think dress shirt and tie. The t-shirt underneath has gotten some more attention recently, but we have another option you should consider this spring.

A linen shirt. Not just by itself, but under a sport coat. A linen shirt is the perfect in between if you don’t want to be super formal or super casual. One of the reasons linen is so favorable in the spring and summer is because linen is highly absorbent and a good conductor of heat. Your linen garment will quickly remove perspiration from the skin which is important especially when you’re layered up in a sport coat.

Printed Short Sleeve Button Ups

Don’t be shy with prints this season! The crazier the better according to Alea. This brand goes bold and they make sure they make an impression with their one of a kind designs.

If you were around for the 70’s and 80’s you may be quite familiar with these patterns already.

Vibrant Pocket Squares

For spring and summer, we recommend letting your pocket squares speak. The more vibrant the better. If you have the opportunity, match it back to an exciting bowtie or tie for a more formal look.

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