Men's Fashion Guide to a Complete Fall Wardrobe

As we move from summer to fall, it is expected to make some wardrobe changes. A smart decision in spicing up your closet this fall is filling it with urbane overcoats, fine wools, and a savvy combination of sports, accessories and sophistication. Fall is special to me because it is my favorite period. Unlike summer and spring where you are always getting undressed, fall makes it possible to wear some fantastic fabrics and feel its warmth and beauty. If you are someone who loves to clothes, then this guide is for you.

Slim Fit Designer Denim

A critical rule you need to consider when it comes to denim is the fact that the old rule associated with this menswear no longer stands. Today, there are little restrictions on how you choose to wear designer denim, and the options are varied. Whether it is slim, loose, skinny, cropped or tapered, everything works. Hence, if you are confused on what you want to add to your closet his fall, then you have to consider the denim. The following will do justice to why you have to add this designer denim to your wardrobe.

The Flawless Fit

Brands spend a lot of time and energy towards perfecting their “fit” because they know they what makes them sell. Irrespective of how cool your wears are or how comfortable, once it does not have the right fit, no one would want to buy.


Fit can be tricky because what is good for one person might not be ideal for another. This is why designer denim is the real deal. There are slim designs for the trim man and also wider cuts for the thicker man. No matter your size, the designer denim has the right fit for you.

Luxurious Fabric

Fabric quality is another factor that determines the success of a clothing brand. Hence, it is better to have just five pairs of luxury designer jeans which will last longer than to fill your wardrobe with over 20 pairs of average jeans. The denim fabric is designed with the most beautiful material coupled with professional Italian tailoring. You can easily spot the difference once you compare your denim designer with a non-designer fabric.


Another vital reason you need to introduce the designer denim into your closest is because such brands are always one step ahead of their competitor. When it comes to adjusting to trends and fashion styles, these designers are the forerunner, other cheaper brand can as well be called mere copycats.

For instance, let’s go down the memory lane to years back when baggy was the reigning style for men. It is either you make a bootcut or a straight leg without any tailoring. Today, things have turned around as tailored jeans are the style every man wants. The designer denim provides a little tailoring to your jeans to prevent you from appearing sloppy.

Attention to Details

Designer jeans are not only comfortable but are also handmade. Specifically for Paige Jeans, for each pair of jeans, about 27 professional must have accessed it to determine if it will hit the market.

After reconstructing the jeans, the fabric is pre-washed, and then a wear test is done to determine the quality of the denim material made. If the fabric fails the wear test, then it will not be sent out. This is why designer denim is worth every cent you will spend on it.

Long Term Saving

Although when you go to a store to buy jeans and you were told the price for one is around $200, you may think- wow, that’s too expensive. However, little do you know that such jeans have passed through a lot of quality testing before given such a price tag. It may seem costly at the moment, but in the long run, you would use it for a long unlike those cheap ones that would fade away very fast.

Fall Shoe Collection

Let’s say you want to take your outfit to the next level, then you need to pay attention to some vital details. Aside from purchasing the finest fabric, you need to ensure that you go for the best fit and accessories, without this, even the best materials can still look drab or tacky. This is why this guide is written; to show you the latest styles of dress shoes you will need to add to your closet so you can create a fantastic formal outfit as you deem fit.

Derby & Oxford Shoes


Whenever we talk about outstanding dress shoes, the Derby and Oxford shoes are iconic shoes due to several reasons. While the Oxford has it's facing discreetly tucked under its outermost body; the Derby shoes have its facing above the front of its body. Each shoe is simple with sleek leather and is suitable for several formal occasions.

Although the difference between both shoes is not that obvious, it can still have a significant effect on how it interacts with the rest of your outfit.

Wingtips & Monk Strap

You’ve established your essential wardrobe and now you want to add something off-the-beaten-path to your closet. If you have a flair for capital-M Menswear, then you are getting these shoes is a fantastic decision. Finally, if you want to add more life to a conservative and understated appearance, then the Wingtips and Monk Strap are the perfect men’s dress shoes to add.

Chelsea & Chukka Boots

Although Chelsea boots have a low-profile and slim construction, they are still iconic. Chelsea boots feature a discrete elastic band rather than buckles or laces. When paired with slimmer pants, they give a sleek, slimming look to your feet and makes your entire outfit look more ravishing.

The Chelsea Boots are a classic must have boot for you Fall wardrobe. Pair them with your designer denim, and style it casually with a long sleeve tee and vest, or dress it up with a sport coat.

Unlike Chelsea boots, Chukkas are more traditional and chunky. Chukkas are taken the Oxford approach to a boot having a more durable sole with similar lacing and construction style. If you are looking to improve your wardrobe, then you can consider this one.

Checkered Sport Coat


Because summer here in Cincinnati is associated with blazingly hot weather, I am excited that fall is around the corner. The gradual drop in temperature and increase in layers is the reason fall is my favorite season of the year. Sometimes, shopping for a new season can be frustrating especially when shops are not only a season ahead but two. For instance, rather than having a Halloween décor, some stores are already bringing out the Christmas décor in August.

However, at Blaine’s, we make shopping easy by gradually introducing the best outfit for each season. Hence, we want to equip you with the fall trend knowledge so that you can have an idea of the new stuff that will be entering our store.

Let's take a look.

Top Five Men’s Suiting Trends


On the top of our trend series is the classic pinstripe. The pinstripe makes most men feel comfortable and has been around for as long as we can remember. It gives a formal look and also provides a sporty touch to a classic suit. A pinstripe suit gives you the option of keeping a formal look by pairing with a button down shirt or a casual look by layering a crew neck sweater underneath.

Checkered Suits

Irrespective of the size of the check, this suit is on trend this fall and winter. Checkered suits have vintage elegance which makes it unique and stylish. Aside from checks, this outfit has a lovely mixture of grays and tans. The checkered suit is not just perfect for fall and winter but also bright enough to wear during spring and summer.

Floral Printed Suits

Until now, we have considered our more traditional looks; the floral printed suit is the fun trend of this fall. I am sure not many people own a floral outfit. If you want to get your first suit, then I wouldn’t suggest you go for the floral. However, if you already have a collection but only want to spice up your wardrobe, then floral is the best option. Keeping in mind, we’re talking about fall and winter trends, the floral should consist of deeper fall colors like a burgundy, olive green, or rust color and not neon and bright spring and summer colors.

Metallic Suit

The metallic suit is not an outfit you can take and wear. Before putting it on, you have to consider the when and where it would be appropriate. For instance, I wouldn’t advise you to wear a full metallic suit to a client meeting. However, if you are invited to a charity event, a formal gala, new year eve dinner or holiday party, then you can rock this cool outfit.

Velvet Sport Coat

The last on our list is an actual fall and winter staple for both men’s suiting and sport coats. Velvet sport coats undoubtedly made the biggest showcase in the 70’s; however, this trend tends to come in and out of fashion repeatedly. But you don’t need to worry about getting a velvet suit fearing it would go out of style next year because it will never be a total fail. From experience, it will come right back over again.

Eton Dress Shirt


Shopping for a men’s shirt can be overwhelming especially when you are looking for the absolute best. Getting a new casual shirt or button-down shirt often requires you to compare and contrast between several shirt brands. However, to make thing easy, I recommend the Eton dress shirt.

Eton is a menswear brand that specializes in a wide of range of top quality shirts and accessories. Just a look at their website and you will be marveled. This brand is super focused on delivering shirts with exceptional quality to its consumers which is surprisingly rare for a fashion brand to have such a singular focus.

Eton differentiates itself from dozens of other fashion companies by paying attention to what it needs to succeed. It makes shirts for different all events and tastes which range from the most elegantly neutral of button down to innovative and exciting color and pattern combos.

Attention To Detail

Paying sheer attention-to-detail is what makes Eton who they are. Just holding one of their products, you get the feel of how meticulously the garment was crafted. I have a flair for fine detail in menswear, and if I want to purchase a shirt at this price range, then I must be in love with every detail of such a garment.

Looking at the full range of styles they offer, from the most formal to the most casual, Eton shirts are designed to provide important detail from the font on the collar tag to the weight on the collar. This approach depicts confidence, fun, and excitement, and also demonstrates a strong passion for the finer details of the menswear.

Eton seems to be a natural at what they do. They provide shirts for every option, even during a casual summer afternoon, wearing Eton shirts seems like the best choice. After a thorough inspection, I can boldly say that Eton is undoubtedly the only shirting brand anyone would every need.

Final Words

I hope this men’s fashion guide has done justice to what you need to spice up your wardrobe this fall. This guide contains not only the best menswear and suiting but also brands and accessories you need to improve the quality of your wardrobe. Knowledge is nothing without action; hence, you need to take the next step.

At Blaine’s Fine Men’s Apparel, we not only provide the best stock but also take the time to educate our clients about the latest trends. So, let’s help you spice up your wardrobe this fall.