Layering Best Practices For This Fall 


Layering can sound like some intimidating fashion term, when it’s really quite simple. The point of layering is to add some interest into your ordinary look. What makes you go from ordinary to extraordinary is how you style your garments. The key to styling is properly layering. Let’s get into it! 

Layer from Lightest to Heaviest


Layering from lightest to heaviest may sound like common sense, but we’ve seen people try the opposite. We suggest starting with a basic tee and jeans, adding a cardigan, sweater, or long sleeve button up and finish the look off with a jacket. Another option is to wear a simple tee, a jacket and finish the look with a heavy coat, if you’re in need of heavier layers.


Stick To One or Two Color Families 

We highly encourage you to mix bold prints and patterns, but as long as you have a cohesive vibe. What we mean by that is a particular color family. That may look like shades of grey and navy with a pop or orange, or perhaps it’s different shades of brown. 


Mix Up The Texture

Layering looks the best when it’s a mix of different textures. For example, this fall it would be great to layer cotton, wool, cashmere and leather. The more contrast, depth and visual appeal, the stronger the look will be. 

Perhaps you’re warm blooded and layering typically doesn’t work out the best for you. Accessories still count as layering in our book! Instead of layering up and warming up, instead add a pocket square, a belt, and a hat. 

Wrap Up

It’s a no brainer, the best part about fall is the breezy fall crisp air. The idea of getting to wear a few layers automatically sounds like a refreshing change from these hot summer months. If you’re looking to stand out this fall, consider adding interest to your look through different layering techniques.