Formal Wear Rental: Convenience At It's Finest

Whether you’re getting ready for prom, an upcoming wedding, or any other kind of formal event, finding and getting the best mens’ formal wear can be a stressful experience for far too many gentlemen in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Suiting up is supposed to be fun, after all. An opportunity to dress to the nines and feel as great as you look at your next formal engagement should be something to look forward to, but when you’re feeling lost and confused while trying to find a suit option that’s appropriate, it can be an experience full of pressure and frustration.

Unless, of course, you opt to simply skip the nonsense and work with us at Blaine’s Fine Men’s Apparel.

We’re driven to offer our clients a formalwear rental experience that’s the height of convenience, taking advantage of innovative new technologies and our passion for excellent customer service to eliminate the guesswork and confusion for even first-time buyers.

Who Rents Formalwear, And Why?

Simple and convenient formal wear rentals are one of the services we’re most proud to offer here at Blaine’s, but our flagship service is definitely our precision-crafted custom suiting options (link to the 2000 word suiting beginners guide). So how do you know which option is right for you?


Custom suiting options are a favorite of ours for a number of reasons: not only do custom suits allow customers an unparalleled level of detail when designing their suit, but they also allow for extremely precise fit.

For clients who find themselves wearing suits on a regular basis and want to make a great impression every time, investing in a custom suit is the perfect choice. But if you’re looking for a suit for a one-time event, it’s probably not the best option.

In short, if you’re looking for a suit for a one-time special event, or just don’t wear formalwear often enough to make a more long-term investment, our rental options offer the best pricing, flexibility and convenience. Rented suits and tuxedos typically won’t fit quite as perfectly as a custom suit might, but our wide variety of premium brands on offer will ensure that you look great in whatever you decide to wear.

Flexible, Efficient Ordering Options

Once you’ve decided that a suit or tux rental is the right fit for your needs, we get to work ensuring that your rental process runs as smoothly as possible.

A great formal outfit starts with a great fit: whenever possible, we recommend that clients start their rental process by dropping by our store in Montgomery, OH for a professional fitting. This typically won’t take too much time, and you’ll only need to be measured once.

When you’re in our store, our knowledgeable and passionate staff can also help answer any questions or field any special requests you might have as you’re booking your rental.

Not available to come into our store? No problem -- we offer a comprehensive online ordering experience with a wide variety of options included in our Build A Tux tool that can help you achieve a fantastic style and fit without the need to visit us in person.

Convenient Pickup & Delivery Options

Once your suit or tuxedo has been designed and fitted, we offer flexible pickup or delivery options to ensure your complete satisfaction.

If it’s easier for you to drop by our store and pick up your tux or suit, perfect! We’ll be happy to help ensure your fit is perfect. If you’d prefer to arrange for home delivery, no problem.

Naturally, both pickup and delivery options for your suit or tuxedo rental are easily specified  whether you’re ordering in our store or via our online tool, and arranging to return your formalwear after your event is just as simple and easy.

Ultimately, even for first time purchasers, every step of our formalwear rental process has been intentionally engineered to optimize the convenience and ease of access for our patrons without sacrificing quality and style.

I’ve said it many times before on this blog, but when it comes to quality menswear, the most important factor is always the experience of wearing a garment. When done right, fine mens’ fashion has the potential to transform your mood and your experience at any occasion, imbuing you with the confidence and excitement of knowing you look amazing.

It’s an experience we’re proud to help give to our consumers with every garment we sell. Formal wear rental should be no different: we work hard to ensure that every client who works with us is able to feel and look amazing.

Ready to take your menswear game to the next level? Check out our website or visit us in person at our Montgomery, OH store.