Kickstart Your Fall Wardrobe With These Layered Looks


Plain sweaters paired over top of a dress shirt no longer do your wardrobe justice. 

Textured Sweater

We love to talk about different patterns and prints being mixed together and a textured sweater is just another way to accomplish that look this fall.

Even small patterns such as a slight diagonal design make your look that much more sharp for this fall season. 

We paired this tan sweater with a monochromatic blue toned look to keep the spotlight on the sweater. This sweater really adds a nice pop of color to the look and does a great job breaking up the blues. To complete the look, don’t forget your final touch of detail, a scarf. The scarf is what brings your outfit from good to great. 


Pop of Color

Another great fall look, incorporates more blues and golden browns. For more of a casual fall look, ditch the sport coat, and add a vest. 

Again we styled this look with a blue base and used the vest and scarf for a pop of color. 

Stick to 3 Pieces

You may be thinking, “I would be overheating in that outfit”. In that case, we suggest removing the sweater and simply wearing the dress shirt and vest together. Just like how it’s shown in this next photo. 


The rule of thumb when it comes to fashion layering is to always have an outfit that consists of three items, especially for fall. 

This third look is an easy to copy and rather traditional look for men. I guarantee most of you have some dress shirts in your wardrobe, so all you need to do it snag one of these vests and a scarf for yourself. 

To complete the look, we suggest pairing it with some chinos or tailored denim. You can continue to add more pops of color to your looks with a colored pant by Teleria Zed, or keep it traditional and neutral with some khakis or denim. 

The point of this post is to encourage you to layer and don’t lose all of your color this fall! Incorporate golden browns, maroons, and olive greens and don’t forget the more layers you have, the sharper you’ll look.