Cincinnati Men’s Clothing: Going The Extra Mile

Blaine’s doesn't strive just for good menswear, but we want great menswear that’s the best in the world! That's why we carry the designers that we do. We provide a perfectly curated stock of men’s apparels that create a lively wardrobe for you and give you daily poise and constant confidence that eminently affect your interpersonal and professional relations. On these notes, we go extra miles to deliver the best services that your fashion outlooks deserve.

Read on to know more of the services and products we’ve committed to offering our esteemed customers.


Top of the Line Designer Selection

We carry and retain the best of the best products and brands from the Italian fashion giants.  The famous saying ‘Italians do it better’ has been the obvious truth when it comes to contemporary menswear.

Luxury brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Prada, and Gucci are just a few names to mention from the stocky world of Italian fashion; however, they are legends with their rights- irrespective of any man’s displeasure in putting the clothes in his back, these labels are promptly recognizable and highly demandable. But beyond these, Blaine’s is committed to bringing some of these brands to your neighborhood for you to make selections from these ‘top of the line designers.’


As you know that Blaine’s delivers nothing, but best of brands! I must tell you that Canali sits as the most renowned of all our brands, as well as the mainstream recognition and peak choices of insider knowledge. The fashionista knows the Sovico-based label mostly at the back of their hands, though not understood by many as one of the unique features of Canali.

It’s unarguably that Canali has told the story of ‘right time and right place’ with her emergence in the early 1930s as the dominant fashion center in southern Europe by brothers Giovanni and Giacomo. The distinct breed of tailoring and pattern of designing have tremendously helped the label to ride from local sales to the first waves of Italian exportation in the 1950s. The label began to gain grounds in the global market with stores at major cities like New York, New Delhi, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur with many trades in magnificent retailers.


You know there’s nothing more disgusting than failure to belt trousers or pants especially when you’re out there on a corporate outfit, it’s just like a hamburger with no salt. So, of all the incredible garments made by these Italian geniuses, it’s inevitable not to forget a smaller accessory like Anderson’s belts. This quality Italian brand was mainly established in 1966 when Carlo Valenti launched his first collections at Parma with the sole aim to become one of the menswear’s most essential accessories.


The brand was influenced by British style, and more so, Valenti’s natural flair to traditional techniques, perhaps from the home isle, which it’s still regarded as most exceptional to this moment. Anderson’s greatest strength is widely known in their broad appeal with quality products like Mahogany suede woven pieces that suit the classicists. Regardless of your taste, there’s bound to the belt that suits you with Anderson’s.

Trends Discovery

As part of our potentials to respond to social stimuli, we’ve always had a way of predicting significant trends and events concerning several changes in the fashion world. We bring these trends right off the runway to our store, and you no having to get scared again of any occasions or events right your way but catch onto those accessories you’ve wanted for a while.

With the new seasons around the corner, wearing your shot may not seem comfortable; you’ve got to have some new wears to navigate through the seasons. For example, outfits for autumn shouldn’t just mean pulling those sturdy black boots you bought last winter, but careful selection of befitting wears as outlined below for each season and occasion.


You can embrace the trend by going for a knitted necktie since most knits are more prominent this season, they are even got to neckties. Alternatively, you may choose a warm cardigan for a more understated look. Don’t forget to opt for those with unfading bold colors.

The thick(er) necktie

If you’re never a fan of a thin tie, then you’re lucky this season. The good news is; a thicker knot is here! This type makes you more dapper with a bright outlook especially when the tie is combined with a collared shirt and a suit for work- it’s always better to overdress than to underdress, you know.


In this era of modern fashion, many fashion accessories are becoming tools to make attractive elegances. Choosing either a plain ‘Free American’ T-shirt or casual stars and stripes fabrics designed to permeate men’s fashion this year, then you can display your fashion beliefs in grand style.

Quilted Jackets

Until now, the early quilt patterns were the ones trending. But we now have quilted clothing that is expertly poised for fashion and function. The quilted jacket can be worn just on anything for any event or occasion. This design was entirely made for technical reasons. One of the distinct features is that, while warm, they aren’t heavy. So, for your sleek, sophisticated and fresh outlook, the quilted jacket is the best!


If you’ve got a ski jacket for the slopes of the season, that’s pretty cool. But there are better options to stay stylish and snug this season. Just with ‘90s-inspired tracksuit or a warm pair with the former keep your appearance more casual. Undoubtedly, you can consider a ski jacket over corduroys or your wool turtleneck if you’re looking for anything more beautiful or stylish to pair with.


Seeing Orange

There’s nothing more irritating than failure in color spectrum when investments have been made on elegance outlook. Orange is a vast color to apply this season. If you’re going for modest, consider orange underlined pieces, like on a pair of sneakers.


Finally, to spice up your collections in this season, you need something chunky and sleek around your neck. You can get rid of the old scarves you’ve been many times guilt to get something perfect.

On-Site Tailoring

You don’t need to worry about someone that will tailor your suit or any dress of your choice. We’ve got the best and competent tailor in the town. The prime of our services is to give you finished products. With master tailor Vida on our board, every new purchase stands out in styles and fittings.

Your choices on either fashionable clothes get tailored, or perfect custom from our in-house tailor shall be well-thought-out. Now is the best time for you to step out of your box to get the best of designs!

Benefits of On-Site Tailoring

Going the extra mile to prefer the onsite tailoring services doesn’t just give you confidential outcomes, but many other associated benefits.


On-site tailoring is known for many advantages, but the greatest is unarguably the privacy, that is, the confidentiality the customers derive from the intuitive of the tailor.


Most fashion outlets that operate on-site tailoring services tend to have many employees either for training, or better still stylists that are capable of making additional changes. Also, with training done within most companies’ premises, an employee can save much valuable time to get other things done for efficient production.



Not having to take your garments else where to be completed is the utmost convenience. If there is any opportunity to make Blaine’s a stop shop, we will take it.


One of the biggest concerns about spending a few thousand dollars on a suit and then taking it to a third party alteration shop, is that possibility that they will mess up the alterations. Suit alterations are a big deal, they are just small tweaks, but can go as far as reconstructing an entire jacket. This is not something you want to mess around with.

The best part about shopping at Blaine’s and using our in house tailor, is peace of mind. We promise you, we will make sure you are completely satisfied with the suit you purchased and the alterations completed before taking home the garment.

Our Services

We strongly believe in great products per excellence with the provision of the following outstanding services to satisfy our esteemed clients.


For unique shopping experience in clothing, order for the world finest designers and fabrics- suits, shirts, trousers or pants, and sports coats- stocked in our store like no other.

Loyalty Programs

We’re assuring you that you can start your journey of accumulating Blaine’s Loyalty Dollars once you begin shopping with, whether once or more in a year. With our Loyalty Dollars, you get 5% of every purchase of our products which can be used future purchase.


You might have been looking for a consistent service that can ever be trusted; Blaine’s doesn’t mess around when it comes to standard finished products. Any alterations are most times done to complement new product and purchase.

Special Appointments

Whatsoever the service you’re looking, whether during, before or after business hours, we’re always available and happy to organize individual appointments to assist in your shopping needs. Kindly reach us on 513-791-9970, and we’ll make it done!

Our Stylists

We deliver both home and office services; our stylists are ever ready to make your clothing and outlook perfect at anytime and anywhere. They are always available for any of the below services.

Home and Office Visits

Whether you’re fixed up with businesses or life gets too busy that it’s not easy to stop by the store, you got no worries, we’re more than delightful to come down to your home and office to give you the best.

Closet Consultations


Do you get confused anytime you open your closet?  Reach Blaine’s for style experts in private closet consultations. We’ll give you an objective view of your whole wardrobe and best convictions to upgrade to the latest trends.

Personal Delivery

Are you a Loyalty Dollars Holder? Then you don’t have to experience that extra transport cost, even if you live nearby or far away. Just make your purchase with your Loyalty Dollars, and leave the rest for us to deliver your selections when and where you need it.

Complimentary Gift Wrap

We offer complimentary services by assisting you in putting a smile on that particular person’s face. Just let’s know the moment; it’s always complimentary with optimum adherence to details.

Final Words

The story here is that, yes, we sell men’s clothing, but there’s a reason behind why we sell it. We sell it because we care about helping men be confident in what they chose to wear and ultimately helping them look their absolute best.

When men look good and feel confident in what they’re wearing, we believe they are one step closer to changing the world. We hope that the next time you step in Blaine’s, that you are able to leave the store feeling like a better man and that you experienced service that really went above and beyond.