Cincinnati Fashion: Current Trends By Neighborhood

What’s up, Cincinnati Men! This blog post is specifically designed just for you. If you just moved here, or have been living here your whole life and just want to fit in better or step up your fashion game, this article will give you everything you need to know. We aren’t just talking fashion here, but local neighborhoods as well.

From Montgomery, to Downtown Cincinnati, we will be hitting on a few big neighborhoods as well as their fashion culture. In Cincinnati, we are all one big community, so the trends don’t completely differ, but we’re going to have a little bit of fun with this and "stereotype" if you will.

Let’s start off with Blaine’s home base, located in downtown Montgomery.


Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with Montgomery, and specifically downtown Montgomery, it's a neighborhood in the Sycamore Community School District. 


Montgomery is located about twenty minutes north of downtown Cincinnati. Just like most cities, the farther outside of the city you get, the more families and older couples you will have. Montgomery is a great place to raise a family and live more of a quieter lifestyle compared to city living. 

With this information, we can assume that the Montgomery guy is going to be more traditional and conservative. He is most likely 40 years or older, and is interested in traditional modern style, and most importantly, comfort. He isn't here to start any new trends, and be super out there with his style, but he just wants to look and good and fit in. 

The Montgomery guy will go for a solid pair of chinos that are a little bit tailored, with a traditional Peter Millar sport shirt. If he is into golfing and a country club member, he would love the Peter Millar performance collection.

Speaking of golfing and country clubbing, the next neighborhood is Hyde Park.

Hyde Park

Commonly ranked one of, if not the best neighborhood to live in, is home to a bunch of cute shops, local restaurants, and events located in walking distance of Hyde Park Square. Hyde Park is closer to downtown Cincinnati, being only about a 13 minute car ride, or a preferred uber ride for this resident.

Hyde Park is commonly known for their wealth, when it comes to their lifestyle, homes, and wardrobes. Hyde Park is now a mix between families and young professionals, however,  there’s a price to pay when it comes to property in this neighborhood.

In terms of fashion, Hyde Park is relatively similar to the Montgomery guy, while being a bit more on the preppy side. The Hyde Park guy, is a fan of Allen Edmonds, Peter Millar, and Bonobos.

Always looking modern, clean cut, professional and put together, this guy is bound to make an entrance when he enters a room. He stays up to date on current trends, and pays special attention to the tailoring of his garments (the key!). Hyde Park is home to the store, Corporate, for all of the Hyde Park fellas looking to improve their shoe game.

Speaking of shoes, if there is a guy who has a killer shoe game, it’s gotta be your OTR guy.


The Over-the-Rhine guy is absolutely on top of his fashion game. He’s living in the biggest up and coming neighborhood in Cincinnati, and surrounding himself with the best restaurants, and nightlife out there.


Over-the-Rhine is full of local one-of-a-kind restaurants. This guy loves walking to his nearby coffee shop, to enjoy his locally roasted and brewed coffee. The OTR guy is the definition of a hipster. According to, a hipster is a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.

So these OTR hipsters are fashion forward, but they also like to do their own thing. Their go-to fashion pieces are ripped skinny jeans, short sleeve printed button downs, round glasses, and hat and jewelry. They love to accessorize their looks, and they have a bit more of a feminine meets nerdy vibe to their look.

East Walnut Hills

East Walnut Hills, the next biggest up and coming neighborhood following Over-the-Rhine. Naturally, this is where the millennials are starting to flock. It’s a fantastic location (right outside of downtown Cincinnati) for an affordable price!

If you’re the guy living in East Walnut Hills, you are naturally an urban trendsetter. You see an up and coming neighborhood and you jump on it. You aren’t a rule follower, who moves downtown, to the banks, or over-the-rhine to follow the crowd.

You break the rules, you set the trends, and you go against the grain. As East Walnut Hills is rather affordable right now, you know how to have style on a budget. You walk into a thrift store and can spot the golden items, and even create your own clothing based off of what you find.

You’re loving long-line tee shirts, skinny jeans, and white sneakers. You go for more of a streetwear casual sense of style, and are embracing the athleisure trend.

Downtown Cincinnati

And last but not least, the downtown Cincinnati guy. Since downtown is known for their business district, this guy will be your most formal customer. He most likely lives downtown because he works downtown, and he just lives and breaths the city life.


He most commonly is a young professional in his late 20’s and early 30’s living up his single years and making as much money as he can. He likes to hangout down at the banks after work and go to as many sporting events as he can.

He typically still has to dress business casual or business professional to work and is always carrying a coffee in one hand and briefcase in another.

The downtown guy is all about mixing his prints and patterns. He loves to wear a nice tailored sport coat, with a solid dark blue jean and a pair of loafers, or even a white sneaker if he's going to be walking around downtown or riding his bike to work.

He likes to have fun with his wardrobe, while also being office appropriate at the same time. He prefers the trend, office appropriate denim paired with a button down and sport coat because it is an easy transition from office hours to happy hour. His favorite store to shop at is our brother store, in downtown Cincinnati, Hellman Clothiers.