Easy Tricks To Accessorize a Fall Outfit

Easy Tricks To Accessorize a Fall Outfit

Accessories can sometimes be functional and other times, they are solely there to add interest, texture or depth to your look.


For example, jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets are solely for the purpose of adding interest and appealing to the eye, whereas a scarf may add more functionality. 

Here are three simple tricks to accessorize your outfit this fall:

1. Add a Scarf

At Blaine’s and Hellman Clothiers, we add scarves to our looks all year round. Fall/Winter get the heavier scarves and Spring/Summer get the lightweight scarves, but the point is that scarves are always a good idea. 


Especially during these fall/winter months, the scarf has more purpose. Besides adding warmth, adding a scarf can add a pop of color or pattern to your look. Add this accessory it to a casual look with a sporty vest, or a formal suit. 

One last tip, when it comes to scarves, don’t just grab any scarf, but try our cashmere scarves for a luxurious feel. These make for great gifts as well!

2. Don’t Forget Your Printed Socks

A subtle, but important accessory you should consider every time you get dressed is your socks. If you’ve ever been in our store, you may have noticed our mannequins are always sporting a completely accessorized look, even down to the socks! 


Socks are becoming more and more important, as the trend for men’s trousers continues to become shorter and shorter. A rolled cuff at the bottom of your pant is a subtle but sophisticated way to show off your funky socks. 

3. Add a Weekend Bag or Work Bag

Having a nice leather bag for work or weekend travels automatically adds to your look that day. Not only is a leather bag, a beautiful addition, but whenever you have some additional room to carry your things, thats always a big plus. 

If you’re a traveling businessman, then this accessory is an absolute no brainer for you. Don’t just settle for a duffle bag, because you want your bag to add to your look, not take away from it.