5 Must-Have Men's Clothing Items For a Weekend Getaway

So you’re preparing for your weekend getaway and you’re wondering what you should be packing. We believe that whether it’s a work trip, bachelor party, vacation, family visit, no matter what the reason is, these five items should be in every man’s suitcase.

The Brady by Trask


This shoe crafted from some of the world’s finest leathers is a no brainer. The reason it’s an obvious choice is because it is appropriate for almost every occasion. This shoe is perfect for a casual jeans and tshirt kinda weekend and can also be dressed up easily with dress pants.

These shoes are also extremely comfortable, so if you wanted to wear them in the car or airplane while traveling, you won’t regret it.

Printed Scarf


A small and practical accessory that can transform an outfit from ordinary to exquisite is a printed scarf. These scarfs aren’t bulky winter scarves, but lightweight colorful spring scarves. They can be worn with a casual pull over or paired back to a suit.

Robert Graham Shirt


Weekend getaway trips usually mean something fun, and Robert Graham shirts always scream fun. Find yourself a print that speaks to you and experience a different side of yourself.

Anderson Belt


After having some fun with your Robert Graham shirt, you won’t want to go back to ordinary. Our Anderson belts are far from ordinary. The woven materials and different colors, offer a fun way to add more color into your look.

Eleventy Sport Coat


One of the trendiest and fashion forward sport coats out there. This lightweight sport coat is low maintenance and the perfect layer to throw on to dress up an outfit for a dinner out.

Final Words

With these five items in your suitcase, you are bound to have the best weekend trip. You will be the most comfortable and fashion forward man you see. If you are headed on a weekend getaway, stop by the store and work with our personal stylist for custom advice and guidance on what to bring with you for your weekend getaway.