Made-to-Order Menswear in Cincinnati

Have you ever gone shopping with high hopes to find a really cool and different shirt? Or a suit that just fits you to a T? Later to find yourself disappointed and walking out of the store empty handed. 

Since Cincinnati hasn’t been considered the best shopping destination in the past, men tend to leave their shopping excursions for when they travel. Our made-to-order program looks to change that behavior by giving you ability to design your look from scratch — right here in the Queen City. No need to travel to the best fashion destinations any more to find your luxury designer pieces. 

At Blaine’s, we have a solution for every man out there. No matter your body type, or personal style, we will help you find exactly what you are looking for to dress like a king at any formal or casual event. 

Our made-to-order service for suits, sport coats, dress shirts, and trousers allow you to design your garments down to the color of the stitching, choice of buttons, and fit of the garment. Indulge in a made-to-order suit, for a luxury clothing experience. 

Suits and Sport Coats

Our custom suits are for everyone. Whether you are an A lister in the area looking for the finest apparel, you’re sick of traditional patterns and prints available in most stores, or you just have trouble finding a suit to fit your body type, this service is for you. 


Our process combines American craftsmanship and manufacturing, with the finest fabrics from Italy and England. To start the design process, simply come into our store and our stylists will get your measurements and recommend a fit and designer based off of your body type. The point of this custom process is to make sure the suit fits you, like it was made for you (which it will be!). 

The next step after picking a designer and fit, is to stop in our Montgomery store, Blaine’s, or our downtown Cincinnati store, Hellman Clothiers, to pick out your designer fabrics. If you can’t make it into the store, don’t worry, our in store stylists can bring the fabrics to your office or home to start the process.

To bring your custom suit to the next level, we recommend custom lining and buttons with a complimentary initial or name engraving on the inside of the suit. We weren’t kidding when we said indulge in this luxury experience. 


Cincinnati is a popular wedding location, and we want to cater to all of your fashion needs. Whether you’re the groom, groomsman, or father of the bride or groom, we want you to look the best you can on this special day. 


We have taken our customer feedback into consideration and officially launched our tuxedo rental or purchase service. We carry a full line of modern or classic styles, to fit the slimmer or fuller man. 

In addition to renting or purchasing the in store tuxedos we carry, we offer made-to-order tuxedos. If you’re wearing a tuxedo in the first place, why not go all out and choose your custom linings, construction and detail to design, for a completely one of a kind custom look. 

Dress Shirts

When you have a custom suit, you can’t just have an ordinary dress shirt. The dress shirt is just as important as the suit itself for maximizing your style. 

For customizing the dress shirt, you have the option to pick the fit, whether that be slim fit or classic fit, the fabric, as well as the collar and cuff prints. 


Details are important, having a pop of color, or a unique print on the cuffs and collar can set your look apart from everyone elses. 

If you aren’t interested in a made-to-order shirt, but want a high quality dress shirt designed in Cincinnati, check out our Jonathan Mezibov collection. Jonathan focuses on elegant design, precise tailoring and unique signature tailoring. His shirts are available in a classic, tailored, and slim fit.  Since launching his dress shirt collection, he now designs and crafts handmade neckties. 



Trousers probably get the least attention out of any of the items listed above. However, the fit and style of your trousers can make or break your entire look. Pants that don’t fit the leg right, are too long or too short, can completely rob your credibility. 

We suggest our custom trousers to match your sport coat, or find the perfect chino to go with your dress shirt or polo for a more casual look. Our made-to-order program offers trousers from Coppley and Pal Zileri. 

Wrap Up

At Blaine’s, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best fit, style, and quality of garments in the world. We use our expertise to guide you towards the perfect fit and style for your body type. 

You no longer have to worry about traveling to a shopping destination to find the best clothing out there. Now, Blaine’s can bring you the best designers to your home or office right here in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

If you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind tuxedo, suit, sport coat, dress shirt or pair of trousers, stop in one of our stores today or make an at home appointment. We would be happy to make you one of the best dressed men in Cincinnati.