Top 6 Men’s Clothing Stores In Cincinnati


If you’re passionate about dressing well and a citizen of the greater Tri-State area, you might have noticed by now that your options for menswear retailers in the area are a little...well, limited. Cities like New York or LA get a reputation for having unparalleled access to some of fashion’s finest brands, and unfortunately, there is some truth to that -- but that doesn’t mean the situation for menswear in Cincinnati is totally hopeless.

In fact, quite the opposite is true: despite our smaller size, Cincinnati is home to many unique and exciting options for men of all ages and tastes. 

Whether you’re a passionate streetwear fan, a lover of independent art, or a conscientious consumer of only the finest formal menswear, you’ve got plenty of options to find the perfect garments to complete your wardrobe throughout the city. That’s why we’ve compiled our top 6 favorite menswear clothing stores near Downtown that can help you find what you’re looking for no matter your personal style. 

Top Menswear Stores In Cincinnati

1. Blaine’s Fine Men’s Apparel 

Okay, of course we were going to start this article with our own store. But honestly, can you blame us? 

For years, Blaine’s Fine Men’s Apparel has been absolutely dedicated to providing a curated selection of American & European brands and custom consultations and alterations services that would typically only be replicated in America’s most prestigious fashion cities. From personal closet consultations to made-to-order custom suiting, Blaine’s brings a New York City-caliber menswear experience to Greater Cincinnati.

Whether you’re looking for a simple addition to an already enviable wardrobe or don’t quite know where to start, we sincerely believe that Blaine’s is one of the absolute best places to become one of Cincinnati’s best dressed men.

Address: 9407 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH, 45242

2. Corporate

For sneakerheads and passionate followers of streetwear in the Greater Cincinnati area, too often the primary way to cop the latest items from leading brands is to resort to online stores. However, tucked unassumingly into Hyde Park Square is the original location of one of Cincinnati’s trendiest boutiques. 

Corporate is ostensibly Cincinnati’s go-to destination for high-end streetwear and sneakers. Inside this extremely slick boutique, you’ll find not only an impressive selection of footwear, but also a carefully curated selection of streetwear brands from the Tri-State Area and beyond, as well as original designs crafted in-house. The result is a curated aesthetic that feels instantly recognizable.

Whether you’re blowing up their phone lines trying to snag the latest Golf le Fleur Converse drop or just want to add a little youthful energy into your casual wardrobe, Corporate’s locations in Downtown and OTR are sure to have everything you need. 

Address: 2643 Erie Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208

3. Trevor Furbay Bespoke Tailors

Dedicated fans of menswear and fashion know very well how feeling good about how you’re dressed can transform your mood and worldview. But maybe it’s also true that feeling good about how you buy the clothes that make you feel great can have a transformational effect as well. 

At least, that’s the goal of Trevor Furbay Bespoke Tailors, which aims to combine a decidedly old-world aesthetic sensibility with a next-generation commitment to customer experience to provide something truly unique. Exposed brick walls and warm wood floors set the classic tone for a shopping experience made totally unique thanks to impeccable selection and excellent customer care. 

Whether you’re stopping in for something quick or looking to piece together the perfect suit, Trevor Furbay and his team can help deliver a styling experience you won’t soon forget. 

Address: 6880 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

4. Hellman Clothier's

Located directly on Vine St. in Downtown Cincinnati, Hellman Clothiers has perhaps the best location of all boutiques featured on this list. And considering that some of the same team that built Blaine’s helped bring this business to life as well, we’re proud to say that it also has some of the best selection. 

Whether your personal style is staunchly conservative or you’re a passionate lover of exciting prints and colors, Hellman Clothiers has exactly the high end garments you’re looking for. Featuring iconic American and European brands and a master tailor in residence, Hellman Clothiers offers everything even the pickiest of menswear aficionados need to complete their wardrobes. 

And perhaps the most strikingly positive attribute of all: Hellman Clothiers proudly advertises that it’s a dog-friendly establishment on its website. Outstanding.

Address: 441 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

5. Strange People Store

Whether you’re gearing up for the next Reds game or just have a lot of hometown pride, those looking to add Cincinnati-themed garments to their closets will find the options are typically pretty limited and pretty run-of-the-mill. 

However, for those comfortable venturing a bit onto the wilder side, Strange People Store in Over-the-Rhine has just the antidote to such normalcy. Whether you’re rocking a skull bent into the shape of Ohio or a detailed hand-drawn natural bridge inside the silhouette of Kentucky, Strange People delivers some of the coolest and most unique Greater Cincinnati-themed tees and hoodies available. 

But they don’t stop there: Strange People also offers dozens of incredibly unique designs and prints created by local artists. Supporting your local independent art scene with some truly one-of-a-kind apparel? Now that sounds like hometown pride to me. 

Address: 1416 Walnut St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

6. 45/46 Fine Men's Apparel

Rounding out our list, 45/46 Fine Men’s Apparel is another Hyde Park Square resident offering extremely high quality garments whether you’re on your way to a boardroom meeting or casual outing with friends. 

Perhaps one of 45/46’s most unique attributes is the fact that it features the largest selection of Allen Edmonds shoes in the Tri-State Area, and is actually licensed to refurbish your old Allen Edmonds pairs so that they look nearly new again. In addition to this striking shoe selection is a vast range of brands and services from custom suiting to more casual attire. Their website also features a monthly list of seasonally selected garments to help give you a little bit of fashion inspiration. 

Address: 2719 Erie Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208

Wrap Up

Cincinnati may not have the full scope of options for menswear that a city like New York or LA might feature, but that doesn’t mean that trendy boutiques and high-end fashion are totally out of reach for men of the Tri-State area. You don’t have to settle for shopping online or trudging through department stores: any one of these establishments can give you a world-class level of personalization, quality, and care to fit your personal style to a T.