Top 10 Men’s Fashion Christmas Items

Finding Christmas gifts for multiple people can be very challenging and stressful at the same time. We all know that the holidays are meant to be a joyful and peaceful time spent with your family. However, no matter how many times we promise ourselves we won’t get stressed out this year, and we will start our shopping early, we still end up getting overwhelmed and running around at the last minute to grab something.

For all the special men in your life, or perhaps you are shopping for yourself, we have created this list to guide you during your holiday shopping this year. Depending on the specific budget you have in mind, we have more affordable suggestions like a sock and tie combo to more extravagant suggestions like a custom suit or a personal shopping experience.

  1. Trask Matching Belt & Shoes


Trask shoes are some of the best men’s shoes in the world. Trask has their people traveling all around the world searching for leathers to meet their rigorous standards. Every hide that’s crafted by Trask is individually selected by hand in order to enhance the beauty.

That example right there is one reason that Trask has the best of the best men’s and women’s shoes. Trask shoes are extremely comfortable, durable, and stylish, so they will be a gift that truly lasts a lifetime.

The best part about this gift idea is that you get two gifts in one. One men’s fashion rule that most people like to follow is to match your shoes with your belt. This is most likely because having mismatched shoes and belts is a fashion no no. Trask likes to make it easier on their customers. They make sure to match their shoe collections and belt collections. As soon as you find the perfect shoe, there is a belt to go with it.

2. Sock, Tie and Pocket Square Combo

Another great combination of items would include a tie, pocket square and sock box. Most men enjoy having an outfit already picked out for them that they know they can just grab and throw on without having to think twice about whether or not it matches, or what pair of socks looks best with their tie.

If you’re shopping for a special man in your life, working with one of our stylists at Blaine’s to create a unique combination of items that reflects your man’s personality is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give them. Not only are you buying them new clothing items, but for the busy man whose job is to make important decision all day long, getting dressed is another decision that they have to make in the morning. You’re also helping prevent decision fatigue by picking out an outfit that is already styled. If you wanted to go above and beyond, you could even pair an Eton dress shirt with your tie, pocket square, and socks.

3. Eton Dress Shirt


Our third Christmas gift idea is our Eton dress shirt, which is our most popular dress shirt and for good reason. Each Eton shirt is made from 45 different parts and sewn with 12,000 stitches. Eton pays close attention to the details in order to ensure the perfect fit.

Every top menswear designer realizes that fit is crucial and is an absolute deal breaker. In order to create a perfect fit for everyone, Eton has designed four flawless fits for every different body type. From super slim to a generous classic fit, eton has a shirt for you or your loved one.

The theme here has been making holiday shopping easy. One of the best parts about purchasing a men’s dress shirt, is the fold. The dress shirts come professionally and tightly folded making it an easy fit for wrapping.

Speaking of gift wrapping, all gift wrapping is complimentary at our store in downtown Montgomery, Ohio. Once you walk in our store, you will be 100% taken care of. No need to worry about gift wrapping!

4. Wool Overcoat

A wool overcoat may be a bit of a pricier gift, but there is nothing like a sharp overcoat for the professional or casual man. An overcoat was made to wear over your suit, but these days you can pair just about anything back to a tailored pair of jeans.

Anything made of wool is always a great gift during this time of the year because Cincinnati doesn’t play around when it comes to cold weather. Being cold isn’t fun, and gifting someone a warm coat is one of the best ways to make sure that person knows you care about them.


5. Peter Millar Pullover

Peter Millar is one of the best selling brands at Blaine’s. Peter Millar has classic pullovers that sell out year after year. With a wide variety of colors, great fit, and quality fabric, a pullover is a great gift for the holiday season.

A pullover is one of those men’s fashion items that is a lifestyle clothing item. What I mean by this, is that a pullover can be paired with dress slack and worn to the office, or dressed down with jeans for a casual night out to eat.

A pullover is also an easier fit than a dress shirt. If you are not certain on the size of your friend or loved one, a pullover is a much easier guess to choose between S,M,L,XL, or XXL. Dress shirts are way more particular in terms of neck sizes, sleeve lengths, etc.

6. Jacob Cohen Jeans

You may be wondering why we are suggesting to purchase jeans for the holidays. Believe me when I say Jacob Cohen jeans aren’t just any old jeans. These will be the best jeans that person has ever received for Christmas.

Jacob Cohen jeans follow the most important principle, fit, but they don’t stop there. The designer fabrics make the denim durable while also being comfortable and form fitting at the same time. My favorite part, and a characteristic that makes them truly stand out, the jeans are scented.

Imagine your loved one opening up that gift, and seeing an incredibly stylish pair of jeans, but also getting a delicious whiff of the scented material at the same time. You may be thinking there is no way my guy wants a scented pair of jeans, however he definitely will. When I say scented, I don’t mean an over the top floral fragrance filling the air either. It’s a subtle scent that will keep the denim smelling fresh and clean.

7. High End Suit

A suit is something you may not have thought about getting someone for Christma. If you have a businessman on your hands or someone who enjoys getting dressed up and looking their best, a suit is the perfect gift.

A suit may be a pricier option, but one of the most practical gifts you can give someone. Depending on the person, a suit can be a necessity to their daily life, or just something they pull out every once and awhile, but either way a suit will make a dramatic impact.

8. Holiday Sport Coat


Maybe a suit is a little extreme for the man in your life, but they still enjoy getting dressed up and looking nice, the next alternative is a sport coat. Whether you go with a traditional sport coat that can be worn all year round or a holiday sport coat that has some personality to it, they won’t be disappointed.

This fall and winter, we have many unique prints and fabrics in our sport coat selection. A couple of my favorite include, our brown suede sport coat and our navy blue velvet sport coat. Suede and velvet are very stylish for the fall and winter seasons and definitely two sport coats that will have heads turning left and right.

If he already has too many sport coats to keep track of, but he is always looking for more, he would love a checkered holiday sport coat or a velvet jacket to mix up his collection.

9. Sweater

If there is one “safe” Christmas gift, for a co-worker or significant other you don’t know extremely well yet, you can’t go wrong with a sweater. Sweaters are huge for the cold holiday weather and everyone appreciates a new top they can wear to work, a date night, or just to run errands.

10. Personal Stylist Appointment

If there is one “all out” Christmas gift, it would be our personal styling services. Are you not sure what you get someone, but realistically they need help with their entire wardrobe, then send them our way! Give us a budget, leave a credit card, or come with and we will upgrade his entire wardrobe.

As soon as he comes into Blaine’s. he will leave looking like an entirely different man, in the best way possible! If you care about someone, but would love to see their wardrobe improved, this is the best way to go.