Holiday Dress Code

Its that time of year again where you will be heading to a few festivities and celebrating the holiday season. Deciding what to wear for the countless occasions is probably not high on your to-do list. That's why we are here to help simplify things and get you looking your best. Here’s our Holiday Dress Guide:

The Office Holiday Party - Keep it semi formal. Throw on that blazer, and add some rich colors and textures. Layer it with a nice sweater and a pair of chinos and you are good to go.

The Fundraiser Event - We have one word for you. Tuxedo! Its time to pull out that suit you have invested in. Pair it with a nice white dress shirt, classic tie, and cuff links. Cheers!

The Casual Family Party - Do you have a family get-together, or a party at the in-laws? This is where you can loosen up a bit, but still look like you care. A nice sweater and a good pair of denim will do the trick.

The Social Holiday Party - You’re going to want to keep it a little more relaxed than you would for a professional party, but not much.

Happy Holidays!