Holiday Dress Code

Its that time of year again where you will be heading to a few festivities and celebrating the holiday season. Deciding what to wear for the countless occasions is probably not high on your to-do list. That's why we are here to help simplify things and get you looking your best. Here’s our Holiday Dress Guide:

The Office Holiday Party - Keep it semi formal. Throw on that blazer, and add some rich colors and textures. Layer it with a nice sweater and a pair of chinos and you are good to go.

The Fundraiser Event - We have one word for you. Tuxedo! Its time to pull out that suit you have invested in. Pair it with a nice white dress shirt, classic tie, and cuff links. Cheers!

The Casual Family Party - Do you have a family get-together, or a party at the in-laws? This is where you can loosen up a bit, but still look like you care. A nice sweater and a good pair of denim will do the trick.

The Social Holiday Party - You’re going to want to keep it a little more relaxed than you would for a professional party, but not much.

Happy Holidays!



Fade into Fall

The summer days are slowly getting away from us as we start looking forward to autumn leaves, football, and layering pieces. Sweater weather always presents the opportunity to pull out some of your best pieces in your closet. Here are some of our fall staples that every guy should have.

Dark wash denim - You can take these from the office to a night out and not miss a beat. Our Choice is Robert Graham, DL Premium and Brax.

Culturata and Vince

Flannel - These are perfect for when the weather doesn’t call for a sweater but you still need a lightly brushed beautiful soft fabric from Culturata and Vince.

Colored Pants/Chinos - These will keep you looking sharp and effortless and a nice change up from the denim look. Here are a few of our staff favorites from Brax, Vince and DL Premium.

Fly 3 from Italia

Chunky Sweater  - Just throw it over a couple solid layers for an easy and nonchalant casual look perfect for a laid-back weekend. We love this one by Fly 3 from Italy.


How a Suit Should Fit

Have you been wondering if your suit fits just right? We love this perfect illustration by RMRS.


First things first. 

The length of a suit jacket is vital! The jacket should fall at mid to lower crotch level, dictating how balanced your upper body is to your lower body. 

You always want the shoulders to lay perfectly flat, meaning that the shoulders seams of your jacket should end at the end of your shoulders. 

You always want your shirt sleeve to peak through a 1/4 " to be safe . 

Never fasten the bottom button

Remember guys a great suit doesn't look so great if it doesn't fit. For a more detailed look at the perfect suit, follow the guide below.



Summer Vibes

Summer is among us, and with that comes the undoubted vibe of ease. The last thing you want is to look uptight. So here’s a few tips on how to upgrade your suit and keep it relaxed. 

1. Do away with the tie, and opt for fun pocket squares from Edward Armah, Hook and Albert, and Chelsey. Generally, when keeping the suit simple, pick out a colorful pocket square, it'll add the perfect touch of elegance. 

Image Above Via

2. Lighten the load!
No one wants to swelter, so lessen the fabric load and choose options such as crisp linen from Report collection, Vilebrequin, and Sansone. These breathable fabrics will keep you cool without compromising your appearance. 

Image Above Via

3. Lose the lining! 
As well as heavier fabrics, thick lining can lead to feeling more heat than desired while you're in your suit or sport coat. Look for unlined or partially lined suits or sport coats from Canali,LBM, or Talbott. This allows for air to penetrate your jacket, to ensure you stay cool all summer.

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